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Day old chicks market news for Week 1 Jan 2nd- Jan 5th 2023


Day old chicks market news for WEEK 1 JAN – JAN 5TH 2023 To start the New Year 2023, we would be giving out the latest information regarding the activities going on at the Oluyole Ibadan day old chicks market on a weekly basis. This will give you an insight into how prices of day old chicks are trending before, during and after every sales day. Each sales day can be so dramatic, and the...

A review of Day old chick prices for year 2022


2022  was a dramatic year for day old chicks marketers and buyers in the poultry industry as the demand  and supply forces came to play in determining who was the king between the sellers and the buyers. As it as always been in the industry over the years, there are many unpredictable factors that could tilt the price to favor either the sellers or the buyers. In previous years, where...

Organic Control of Rats in Poultry Farms


Do you know that you can make organic rodenticides for combating rats , mice and other Stubborn rodents on your chicken farm? The steps below will guide you on how to get the solution to eradicating these rodqents once and for all.  Organic Solution To Rats in Poultry farms First of all, Mix baking soda + flour + sugar at equal ratios 1:1:1. Mix thoroughly when dry. Make sure you mix the flour...

The Crucial Importance Of The First One Week In Brooding Your Day Old Chicks.


Good start in pullet or broiler in order to be able to realize the full genetic potential of a bird begins with the first one week of the life of such bird. A typical poultry farmer is interested in optimum performance of his bird which would turn to maximum profits .And as such the best time to express this concern in the care of your bird is during brooding period. Many of we farmers do not pay...

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