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A comprehensive analysis of a Poultry business proposal


We perused and analysed the business plan of an intending poultry farmer  to ensure that the right thing to do was done so as to prevent avoidable challenges in the course of eventual set up and operations. Below is the content of the review that was sent as a reply  to the investor. Details For the structure, I will advise you to rent a poultry farm, but if you  cannot see anyone to rent, you...

Importance Of The Respiratory System To Poultry Birds


Genetic improvement and consistent research to always improve on previous results gotten from researches has really made it possible to attain higher body weight in Broilers and longer egg laying cycles in layers by farmers.  Industry standards in broiler production have seen average Feed Conversion Ratio gradually increased by up to 20% from what they used to be in the late 90’s while the...

Poultry Information For Poultry Enthusiasts


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