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Importance Of The Respiratory System To Poultry Birds


Genetic improvement and consistent research to always improve on previous results gotten from researches has really made it possible to attain higher body weight in Broilers and longer egg laying cycles in layers by farmers. 

Industry standards in broiler production have seen average Feed Conversion Ratio gradually increased by up to 20% from what they used to be in the late 90’s while the respiratory organs haven’t evolved proportionately with the rate of weight gain, so the challenge on the respiratory organs are higher now.
Egg laying is a major athletic endeavour for poultry birds and it is now common to see poultry farmers aim for egg production levels > 90% especially in the face of the current economic situation.
The respiratory system is critical to high performance.
More than 50% of the economically important disease conditions of poultry affect the respiratory system.
– Avian Influenza
– Infectious Bronchitis
– Newcastle disease
– Infectious Laryngotracheitis
– Fowl pox (wet form)
– Infectious Coryza
-Aspergillosis etc
So safeguarding the integrity of the respiratory tract goes a long way to maintaining the overall health of your birds.
Tips on improving respiratory health of chicken flock

– Workers exhibiting respiratory symptoms should be excused from pen duty.
– Deep litter should be changed as soon as stuffiness can be sensed by the human nose. The birds are closer to the ammonia emanating from old litter.
– In cage housing systems, fecal droppings shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate for long. Ammonia generated will cause respiratory distress.
– Maggots produced and open surface water also attract egrets which are sub clinical vehicles for A.I. transmission
– The use of products containing essential vitamins like Five MIX® helps combat against post Lasota vaccination respiratory issues.
– Vaccinate your birds against all important diseases.

As you can see, a bulk of the responsibility of protecting his/her flock lies on the poultry stock-man .
A happy , disease free flock makes the farmer a happy farmer!
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