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Importance of Record Keeping In Poultry Farming


        If you are a serious poultry farmer who means business when it comes to raising chickens, then one of the indispensable practice of poultry farming business that you should possess is a good record keeping habit. Apart from just having records, it has to be frequently updated capturing almost every single activity that occur on your poultry farm. It could either be in form of hard copy...

Poultry Farming In Nigeria. Important Advise to Intending and Starter Farmers


    One of the so many reasons why poultry farmers struggle is not conducting a feasibility study before starting up. No matter how small it may be, you should try to estimate in terms of potential income expectation, feed cost which takes a large chunk of percentage in the investment as well as farm structures to erect before starting the farm . That is only how you will know if your monetary...

Poultry Information For Poultry Enthusiasts


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