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Organic Control of Rats in Poultry Farms


Do you know that you can make organic rodenticides for combating rats , mice and other Stubborn rodents on your chicken farm? The steps below will guide you on how to get the solution to eradicating these rodqents once and for all.  Organic Solution To Rats in Poultry farms First of all, Mix baking soda + flour + sugar at equal ratios 1:1:1. Mix thoroughly when dry. Make sure you mix the flour...

The Crucial Importance Of The First One Week In Brooding Your Day Old Chicks.


Good start in pullet or broiler in order to be able to realize the full genetic potential of a bird begins with the first one week of the life of such bird. A typical poultry farmer is interested in optimum performance of his bird which would turn to maximum profits .And as such the best time to express this concern in the care of your bird is during brooding period. Many of we farmers do not pay...

Before You Start Your Hatchery Business


In this write up, we will be answering questions that I have received from different poultry farmers across our different platforms  who are interested in delving into the business  of raising parent stock birds for the production of day old chicks . Hopefully, we will get to understand the concept of raising Breeder birds for supplies to other farmers.   How competitive is this sector of...

Setting Up A Day Old Chick Farm


This is a continuation of the question and answer series of questions I was asked across the various poultry farmers’ platforms where I interact with other like minded farmers.     Question Which breed of parents stock is easy to raise ? In terms of maintenance, feeding, marketing ? As regards the breed of parent stock to raise it’s either you are going for layer breeder...

More Poultry Questions Answered


Fumigation of hatchery and egg dipping what is it about, advantage and what could be used? What is the use of of formalin and Gentamycin? Fumigation of hatchable eggs is necessary to ensure that any microbial contaminant on the egg shells are decontaminated so as to prevent the infection of the embryo(potential chick) with diseases. There are some diseases that can be transmitted through...

Poultry Questions Answered


As an expert in the area of parent stock poultry farming, I have taken it up on myself to treat a lot of begging questions that  requires answers in this aspect of poultry that very few people have deep understanding as well as technical expertise. Without any further delay, in this first series of questions and answers to parent stock breeding know how, I have answered some begging questions...

2018 Poultry Farming Year In Review


365 days ago, when I wrote on the poultry farming season of the year 2017 and what should be expected in the year 2018, I expected a significant improvement in the overall poultry industry, and as expected, things took a huge turnaround in 2018. The 2018 poultry farming season to some extent was much more exciting for poultry famers compared to that of 2017. The extremely high cost of feed which...

Broodiness in chicken and how it can greatly affect Egg production


Hello everyone, today’s topic will be dealing with a very sensitive issue in poultry farming that most farmers tend to over look Chicken Broodiness {and how it} can crash your egg production by almost 79%   Many at times a whole lot of farmers have never taken into cognizance the fact that chickens are naturally predestined to want to hatch their eggs all by themselves. Observing local...

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