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Raising Chickens for Meat and Eggs: The Pros and Cons of Dual-Purpose Breeds


Raising chickens for both meat and eggs is a common practice among backyard and small-scale poultry keepers. It allows for a multi-purpose approach, where chickens can provide both a source of protein-rich meat and nutritious eggs. Dual-purpose breeds are specifically bred and selected to excel in both meat and egg production, making them a popular choice for those who want to maximize their...

Dealing with Broody Hens: What to Do When Your Hens Stop Laying Eggs


As a backyard chicken owner, you may have experienced a broody hen or two in your flock. Broodiness is a natural behavior in hens, which can lead to a halt in egg production. Understanding broodiness and how to handle it can help you maintain healthy egg production and a happy flock. In this article, we will discuss the importance of understanding broodiness in hens and its effects on egg-laying...

How to Hatch Your Own Eggs: Incubation Tips for DIY Chicken Breeders


As a chicken breeder, hatching your own eggs can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Not only does it allow you to selectively breed your own flock, but it also gives you control over the entire hatching process, ensuring the best possible start for your chicks. However, successful incubation requires a solid understanding of the process, from selecting the right eggs to caring for your...

Understanding Your Local Regulations and Laws for Raising Chickens for Eggs


Raising chickens for eggs is an excellent way to produce your own food and enjoy the many benefits of backyard farming. However, before starting your chicken coop, it is essential to understand local regulations and laws regarding the ownership and care of backyard chickens. Knowing and following these regulations can prevent legal issues, ensure the health and safety of the chickens, and promote...

Setting Up A Day Old Chick Farm


This is a continuation of the question and answer series of questions I was asked across the various poultry farmers’ platforms where I interact with other like minded farmers.     Question Which breed of parents stock is easy to raise ? In terms of maintenance, feeding, marketing ? As regards the breed of parent stock to raise it’s either you are going for layer breeder...

More Poultry Questions Answered


Fumigation of hatchery and egg dipping what is it about, advantage and what could be used? What is the use of of formalin and Gentamycin? Fumigation of hatchable eggs is necessary to ensure that any microbial contaminant on the egg shells are decontaminated so as to prevent the infection of the embryo(potential chick) with diseases. There are some diseases that can be transmitted through...

Poultry Questions Answered


As an expert in the area of parent stock poultry farming, I have taken it up on myself to treat a lot of begging questions that  requires answers in this aspect of poultry that very few people have deep understanding as well as technical expertise. Without any further delay, in this first series of questions and answers to parent stock breeding know how, I have answered some begging questions...

Should I purchase point of lay or I brood myself?


Should I purchase point of lay or I brood myself?   I will say this question is a battle between Source and experience. When it comes to this issue, the decision mainly lies on the experience of a farmer as regards brooding chicks and the quality and source of the point of lay birds with respect to purchasing POLs. More expressly put, brooding is a technical sequence of proper management...

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