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Poultry Farming In Nigeria. Important Advise to Intending and Starter Farmers


    One of the so many reasons why poultry farmers struggle is not conducting a feasibility study before starting up. No matter how small it may be, you should try to estimate in terms of potential income expectation, feed cost which takes a large chunk of percentage in the investment as well as farm structures to erect before starting the farm . That is only how you will know if your monetary...

Setting Up A Parent Stock Poultry Breeding Farm – A Diary


            I once wrote some general poultry farming articles in a public forum some couple years ago on nairaland,and i received a couple of mails, calls , comments and the likes from people who were specifically interested in knowing about the art of parent stock farming in poultry. i.e Production of hatchable eggs/day old chicks . Infact one of them successfully set up his Parent Stock...

Poultry Information For Poultry Enthusiasts


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