Chi Farms have the best Day Old Chicks in Nigeria

It’s official…

Yes , you can’t argue otherwise..Or can you?

Many customers have been so loyal to Chi farms day old chicks , not because of the brand name but because of the quality of it’s day old chicks.

Chi farms started as a crop produce farm producing different fruit crops for commercial sales in the market .

This continued for a long time until the founder decided to move into commercial broiler farming.

When it’s commercial broiler farm started in its ibadan site where the crop produce were being harvested, it grew so fast until it opened up farms in other locations like Sango in ogun State, aiyepe in ogun State and other satellite farms in Oyo State.

Then came the Parents stocks farms.

This started in a humble way as very few experts in the country had sound knowledge and experience of parents stocks management .

Once it received it’s license to start full operations during Obasanjo’s tenure, it quickly embarked on a foreign training spree to train some of it’s brilliant minds in the techniques and practice of succesful Parents stocks birds management.

This single attempt is one of the secrets of success that Chi farms has gone on to sustain over the years.

Those who returned from these rigorous Parents stocks training abroad have gone on to train others at home.

This has been a long standing practice and it has enabled a lot of the company’s team to develop themselves on the job which further has an impact on the quality of it’s day old chicks been produced by the company…A competitive advantage over other parent stock farms that are operating in the country.

One of the best ways to assess the quality and performance of a broiler bird is it’s Feed conversion ratio and it’s livability at a certain age say 5 weeks. Chi farms broiler day old chicks have always in most cases been able to achieve excellent Feed conversion ratio and very low mortality mainly due to it’s stringent breeding practices from the controlled environment Parent stock Pen houses to the modern hatchery facilities as all these assures it’s customers of the best Output in the day old chicks at the end of the complex parents stocks value chain.

With quality day old chicks as the ultimate aim of it’s stringent breeding practices, there’s no doubt that Chi farms chicks have become Nigeria’s Number 1 home grown producer of day old chicks that customers have made to become addicted to buying whenever the need arises to buy day old chicks.


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