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Fumigation of hatchery and egg dipping what is it about, advantage and what could be used? What is the use of of formalin and Gentamycin?

Fumigation of hatchable eggs is necessary to ensure that any microbial contaminant on the egg shells are decontaminated so as to prevent the infection of the embryo(potential chick) with diseases.

There are some diseases that can be transmitted through contaminated egg shells to the progeny and as such, it is pertinent that fumigation is carried out to kill any microbial organism that may exist.

Secondly , fumigation can be carried out within the premises of the hatchery operations itself especially when candling has taken place.

Formalin is the major decontaminant that is used during fumigation, in some cases purple and potassium per manganate can be applied alongside the formalin.

Gentamycin is simply an antibiotic used in Poultry farms for treatment of bacterial sensitive diseases.

Question :

Of what quantity can you advice a starter to start with for adequate short and long time profit?

As I said before, the minimum quantity that you will be allowed to buy from the hatchery is 500 parent stock chicks , so you should have a budget for #1450*500 = #725,000

In case you cannot afford to raise that amount , another approach you can do is to look for one or two other partners , probably a trusted fellow(s) poultry farmer who is interested in venturing into the parent stock farming business and putting financial resources together to buy the minimum quantity that is stated above.


What is the different between white and black cockerel?

The difference is that the black cockerels are bigger and more marketable than the white ones ,infact if you tell your wife to cook both separately, you will declare your love for the black cockerel filled pot of stew instead of the white cockerel pot . ☺
Afterall black is beautiful.

Now this leads us to the next question :

Why is it that black cockerel is far expensive than white?

It all boils down to the principles of demand and supply.

There are very few parent stock hatcheries that are still raising the black layer breeds of parent stock. And as a result of that , there’s short supply of black cockerel in the market.

Naturally, since there’s a far higher demand than supply for the nera black cockerel which is more tasty than the isa white ones, this ultimately results to the current variation in the prices of nera black cockerel (#140) and their isa white counterparts(#20).

If I can grow parent stock can one buy hatchable eggs if yes is it profitable and what are the risk?

Yes, there are very many people who will be knocking on your doors if you want to raise parent stock for the purpose of selling hatchable eggs.

Infact any business along the value addition chain of parent stock farming has a high probability of profitability. As regards the risk, the same health risk we experience in commercial layers and broiler farming are what the parent stock are also exposed to. In other words, disease prevention mechanisms are very paramount when dealing with parent stock birds to minimise losses due to mortality whatsoever.

Taking the maximum cost of #1450 + #170 seams unrealistic to me. Sorry for how I sound. The #170 is what I query. If you can shed more light on how to spend just #170 to achieve maturity to lay eggs.

Answer :
No we are not spending #170 from day old to laying period.The #1450 alone is the cost of day old chicks.

While the #170 is only applicable to production birds that are already laying. There’s no way you will spend #170 to raise a bird from day old till onset of lay.

How much does hatching cost if one supplies the eggs?
Price varies but let’s go for an estimate rate of +/-#50

How much and where can one get local incubator?

Most incubators with a reasonable egg capacity that I know of are imported, there are some few locally made incubators but as I once mentioned, they are majorly for personal use and not for commercial hatching purposes.

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