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Organic Control of Rats in Poultry Farms


Do you know that you can make organic rodenticides for combating rats , mice and other Stubborn rodents on your chicken farm?

The steps below will guide you on how to get the solution to eradicating these rodqents once and for all.

Organic Solution To Rats in Poultry farms
First of all, Mix baking soda + flour + sugar at equal ratios 1:1:1. Mix thoroughly when dry.

Make sure you mix the flour, sugar and baking soda in equal ratio of 1:1:1

By that I mean, you add 100g of each in the mix.

Mix properly and put in the small containers .

Place these containers at dark places close to the wall, close to edges or the store where you keep your feeds.

Each of the ingredients has a great role to play.

Rats love flour and so will go for it. The ‘bomb’ is sweet due to the sugar. Then the , baking soda has a funny taste that makes the rodent eat more.

They will consume it.

Now this is how it works. Baking soda will react with the acid in the stomach of the rodents to create carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately rats and mice can’t burp or fart it out.

This inability will lead to their death.

Because the inability and internal blockage will cause ruptures, which consequently will lead to their death.

Sometimes, to make it very irresistible to rodents, you add a little peanut butter to the mixture and add some more baking soda.

Monkey baits

  • Mix hot pepper like habanero with water in baths or buckets place this in strategic places on the farm disturbed by monkeys.
  • You can also plants peppers round your farms. The smell of it alone will chase monkeys away.

Hope you got the drill, so simple yet super effective.

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